Welcome to Shop Ripley!

Shop Ripley is an online directory that connects savvy shoppers with unique “mom & pop” businesses in the Ripley, WV, historic district as well as shops and services city-wide.  Click on a merchandise category to locate and contact a wide variety of city retailers. This site is maintained as  a service to the citizens of Ripley, West Virginia by Main Street Ripley.  You may have your business listed on this site for free with your name and phone number.  If you would like to have a full listing of address, phone number, web address and multiple categories, then visit the How to Be Listed page to learn how.

Shop Local

  • You support local businesses.
  • You help increase employment opportunities.
  • Your tax dollars stay in the county so it benefits you, the tax payer.
  • You don’t have to drive far to get what you need, saving time and money!
  • A vibrant downtown increases YOUR property values